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How To Make Instant Coconut Milk

Instant Coconut Milk

Instant Coconut Milk

Instant coconut milk

Making Instant Coconut Milk at home is always better rather than packed one which we usually buy from stores. It’s just take little time and effort to make instant coconut milk at home. As I’m not a fan of store brought things. I always prefer to make coconut milk at home . In this recipe I’m using fresh coconut but If fresh coconut is not available then besides that you can use dried grated coconut.

These days most of the people are adopting vegan diet . This could be best substitute for them. Even if you have allergies with dairy products then you can use coconut milk instead of dairy products.

Mostly we use thick form for making dessert. And thinner form coconut milk for making various kind of curries.

If you are making coconut milk for curries or dessert don’t add any flavour just keep it simple. I’m making here simple plane coconut milk. But if you want to drink like milk you can add little sugar or cocoa powder according to your taste bud.

Benefits of Instant Coconut Milk :

  • It’s contain many nutrients. It promote hair growth and good skin texture.
  • It contain natural oil and fat, It has antioxidant properties which prevent wrinkle formation and skin sagging. and  make skin look youthful.

Ingredients of Coconut Milk:

  • 1 Fresh grated coconut or dried grated coconut or even more.
  • Hot water 4 cups if you want thick use less water
Instant coconut milk
Grated Coconut
Instant coconut milk
Coconut Milk
Instant Coconut Milk
Instant Coconut Milk

Instruction of making Instant Coconut Milk:

  • First of all in a mixer jar add grated coconut and 2 cup of water. Add more if you need.
  • Blend for 3/4 minute or until it get mix well and look like milky.
  • Allow to rest the mixture for next 20 to 30 minutes and now add 2 more cup of hot water.
  • After 30 minutes strain the mixture with the help of strainer or muslins clothe.
  • Transfer the coconut milk in to air tight jar or container.

Serving idea:

  • Coconut milk is useful in varies kind of curries.
  • It can be used in making smoothies or protein shake.
  • For making breakfast we can used in making in cereals or oatmeals.
  • Coconut milk can be used in Tea or coffea.

Note – Most Importantly Coconut Milk is high in calorie we should take in moderation

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