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Being a daughter, sister, wife and now being mother cooking is not only my hobby It is always my passion. I am an Actor by profession born in Jhansi (U.P) brought up in Lucknow and now my work has brought me to Mumbai. I love to make different cuisine and being an Indian I love Indian foods. I can say about me I am a big foodie and at the same time love being stay fit, So I always prefer to have food at the home rarely I go for eat out. Restaurant foods are actually not good for health so I try them making at home with better way.

Here I would like to share my all recipes and tips for cooking which are speedy require just 15 minute or lesser time which anyone can make with easily affordable ingredient in the market.  I have not done any professional cooking courses. These things I imbibed from my grandmother after that my mother.

My husband is a Doctor and very responsible person his job is very Nobel and at the same he is my main motivation and inspiration for this Cooking Blog.

This cooking blog is to share all my cooking recipes, I hope you like these all innovative ideas of cooking

Shilpi Awasthi

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